Saturday, 21 June 2008

And Finally....more photo's courtesy of Sharon. The Sharon & Michele Show!

Joanne & Julie

Joanne, Julie & Michele

Michele, Sharon & Joanne

Joanne, Lynne Seagrave & Julie

Linda Severn & Sharon

Christine Wheatley, Ashlie & Alison

Sharon & Karen White

Julie, Sharon & Karen

Caroline Sadler & Joanne Piddock

Tracey Tooley

Michelle & Colin Rogers

Joanne, Colin & David Edwards

John, Mark Blacknell & Carl

Steven Martin, Ashlie Hurt & Chris Hayes

Linda, Lynn, Sharon & Carl

Carl & Michele

Sharon & Carl

Sheila, Linda, Lynn, Michele & Sharon

Linda, Lynn, John & Michele

Lynn, John & Sharon

Hugh Shepley, Michele & Steven

Hugh, Sharon & Steven

Michele, Hugh, Marc Saint & Steven

Hugh, Sharon, Marc & Steven

Michele & Hugh

Mick Morton, Sharon & John

Mick, Simon Rhodehouse, Michele & John

Sharon, Simon & Paul Johnson (with Tracey peeking in at the back)

Sharon & Paul

Michele & Paul

Joanne, Dawn Grainger, Alison & Christine

Sharon, Joanne & Michele

Colin, Karen & Michele

Michele & Simon

Simon & Sharon

Julie & John

Sharon, Tim Johnson & Michele

Mark & Michele

Sharon & Mark

Mark & Steven

Colin, Mark, Michele & Joanne

Mark, Michele, Sharon & Joanne

Martin Skeavington & Dave Thomas

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

and a few more!

Ashlie, Julie Cope & Joanne Cocker

Carl Walker, Tracey & Mark Blacknell (why all the empties, Trace?)

Martin Skeavington, David Thomas, Tracey, David Edwards & Paul Maltby

Marion Buchannan & Caz Sadler

David Edwards, Marc Saint & Simon Rhodehouse

Joanne Piddock, Simon Rhodehouse & Karen White (no need to close your eyes Simon!)

Alison & Joanne Cocker

Karen White & Christine Wheatley (sorry about the blur!)

Tracey, Alison, Ashlie & Susan Taylor

Hilary Weston & Joanne Cocker (she gets everywhere, lol!!)

Karen White & Ashlie