Friday, 25 April 2008

It Started in the Pub - Where Else!!

This year sees the 30th anniversary of the time 'The Class of '78 left secondary school!! The school, Hucknall National Comprehensive School, as it was known then.

Some time last year, on a rare night out, and after a few drinks, a few of us oldies had a brilliant idea of holding a school reunion!

We, Ashlie, Tracey and myself, Alison, started the mammoth task of tracing 'The Class of '78' a couple of months ago. We first placed a letter in the local paper to gauge the interest. The feedback was good, but not as much as we expected. So, began the difficult part, firstly trying to remember names and then trying to locate them. Eventually, after many phone calls (some to complete strangers) we ended up with a contact list of approx 80 people, out of a possible 120!! The initial response to the idea was great, with only a few people declining any involvement. The next stage was to pick a date and a venue. We finally, after many enquiries, chose the venue, The Chequer's Inn, a well known and very popular hostelry in the centre of Hucknall!!!! The date was set for the 26th April 2008. There then followed another round of telephone calls, messages being passed to inform everyone of the details. Tickets went on sale a couple of weeks later.

So, where are we now? We have been selling tickets frantically and spreading the word to as many ex-pupils as possible! The reunion is tomorrow night and we are expecting between 40 and 50 people to turn up. People are coming from as far away as Cornwall, Cambridge, Leeds and other parts of Nottinghamshire, there may even be a few teachers making an appearance!!

I am sure that we will all have a great evening chatting and catching up with each other and I am sure that most of us will be wondering 'Where have those 30 years gone?'


Simon Rhodehouse said...

It was a great night, thanks to all three of you for arranging it. As you say in your write up, 30 years has flashed by and Saturday night just re-emphasised that. It was fantastic to catch up with so many folks and swap stories, we should do it again but probably not another 30 years from now!
I look forward to seeing all the photos once they get posted, in the mean time, thanks again for bringing everyone together.
Cheers, Simon

Tracey Tooley said...

Tracey Frisby said.........

What a night! So glad the three of us had this mad idea. It was great to see everyone and thank you to those who travelled far for making the effort. I had a hangover from hell yesterday but it was worth it and I agree with all Simon's comments. Next time we have an outing into Hucknall we'll let you all kmow. Hope those of you who made it to the Half Moon continued to party and thanks for making me feel 16 again. Lotsaluv Tracey x

michele Scothern said...

Thanks to Tracey, Ashlie and Alison for a fantastic evening. It was nice to see such a good turn out after all these years, especially those who had to travel so far to be there, including me and Sharon who had to walk 10 mins down the road! Would love to do this again in the near future. Thanks again michele x

Sharon Chamberlain said...

what a great night.would love to do it again but sooner than 30 years later love Sharon